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Beet root carpaccio with goat cheese, rucola and roasted pecan nuts   99,- Kč
English roast beef with onion chutney, salted butter and fresh pastry   99,- Kč

South Bohemian kulajda soup with roasted mushrooms, fresh dill and chive oil   59,- Kč
Beef broth with meat, noodles and fresh vegetable julienne   59,- Kč

Beef cheeks in red wine sauce with potato purée and roasted root vegetable   189,- Kč
Beef sirloin in cream sauce with Carlsbader dumplings and cranberries   189,- Kč
Beef rumpsteak, butter-beans with bacon, herbal roesti   379,- Kč
Pork tournedos in flitch with roasted tomatoes, mushrooms risotto, chives oil   199,- Kč
Pork neck with long-pepper sauce, roasted potatoes and banana scallion   199,- Kč
Pork tomahawk steak, mashed potatoes, roasted celery and french mustard sauce   225,- Kč
Pork ribs in garlic-black beer marinade with horseradish, mustard and cuminbread   235,- Kč
Larded boar haunch with hip sauce and gingerbread dumpling   289,- Kč
Chicken supréme in sweet pea purée with butter sauce   199,- Kč
Chicken steak in yoghurt-sesam breadcrumb, butter potatoes and chives   199,- Kč
Duck leg confit, plum cabbage, potato dumplings, fried onion   245,- Kč

Gnocchi with blue cheese sauce, rucola, Parmesan, sundried tomatoes pesto and capers   149,- Kč
Spaghetti with cream piri-piri sauce, fresh chives and Grana Padano cheese   135,- Kč

Chopped lettuce with frisée, rosasted smoked brisket, poached egg, slices of roasted potatoes with pepper   135,- Kč
Caesar salad with butter croutons, garlic   115,- Kč
Adding of chicken bits into the Caesar salad   55,- Kč

Pancake with poppy icecream and hot plums   89,- Kč
Apple strudel with vanilla sauce   69,- Kč
Cinnamon parfait with forest fruit sauce and unsweetened chocolate   89,- Kč