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Fried Camembert cheese, potato chips,

home-made tartar sauce and cranberries

239 Kč


Szegedin goulash with home-made bread


269 Kč


Vegetable salad with herb dressing, shredded

chicken, poached egg and butter croutons

189 Kč


Potato dumplings stuffed with smoked meat,

with Moravian cabbage and roasted onions

279 Kč


Pork roasts with home-made potato dumplings

and cream spinach

279 Kč


Spiced meat rolls with mustard and finely sliced

onion, roast parsley potatoes

189 Kč


Šulánky (potato loafs) with spinach and Parmesan


159 Kč


Grandma‘s bread and butter pudding with apples,

quark and cinnamon

119 Kč